We have a mission.  


To tell stories that inspire conversations. Sometimes difficult, definitely necessary conversations. To change minds. Dissolve stereotypes. And walls. We hate walls.


We’re a group of creators determined to spread positivity and understanding through storytelling. You have something to say? We want to help you say it. In front of people. In front of your mirror doesn't count. 


Think of us as the bridge between documentaries and narratives. We tell important stories. Through live theatre. Plays, films, dance, stories. Tell everyone what you need to say. Your way. 


The world can be a better place. A place that embraces the amazing differences while remembering we’re still the same. We’re just human. We live on this planet together. And it's the only one we've got. We can do it better. Let's do better.


Founded in NYC by Adrienne LaValley and Bridget Coyne Gabbe. Two loud ladies.